Twist It Up Hair Gel Wax

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Twist It Up Gel Wax in our opinion is the best and first Gel/Wax to help Afro-centric hair fully embrace all their natural hairstyles. It is GREAT for Locs, Natural Twists, FreeForms, Waves, all Braid hairstyle types and laying Edges! Beautifully handcrafted and engineered for Afro-hair texture. Twist It Up Gel Wax was created in our lab for over 2 years with special attention given to Afro- centric hair and how it reacts with our twisting process. This gel only enhances twisting your hair from the roots up, it also creates a strong hold so that you never miss a wave check, lay and slay them edges all day and is the perfect gel/wax to help braid or dreadlock Afro-Centric hair. Carefully infused with rich oils and minerals specifically design to help hold your hair in place. Just apply a small amount and style as desire. This gel is guaranteed to help you embrace your natural hairstyle with long lasting results. Thank you for supporting us. MADE FOR THE CULTURE, BY THE CULTURE!

Container size 150ml/5 ounces