Unity Combo 3.0 with Gel

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Twist It Up 3.O has arrived and it is one of the BEST Twist Combs ever! We have improved the functionality of the handle that allows you to effortlessly grip your comb, thus creating a more comfort feel as you create your flawless twist. For a limited time only, every Twist It Up 3.0 Comb will come with our brand new Twist It Up Gel. This gel was engineered in our lab for over 2 years with special attention given to Afro- centric hair and how it reacts with our twisting process. Our gel only enhances twisting your hair from the roots up . Thank you for taking the time to try us out. When you choose to embrace your natural twist, you are unconsciously empowering the generation that will come after you to find beauty in their authentic self. We believe this is more than just a hair style. It is a movement! We are proud to be BLACK and be black owned. We embrace that power and we stand together in unity wearing our natural hair proudly as the KINGS and QUEENS we are!


"Discover the beauty of embracing your natural twist and fall in love again with your authentic self!"